IGV en la interfaz de la tecnociencia y la participación ciudadana

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Michael K. McCall


Conventional Mapping and Local Spatial Knowledge (LSK) The use of local spatial Nnowledge derived from local people has always been an essential part of conventional mapping. There is nothing new in the concept or intent behind eliciting local people`s local spatial Nnowledge (LSK) and incorporat- ing that into authoritative mapping exercises in topographic mapping, or national mapping agencies, etc. Externally-based surveyors and cartographers cannot possi- bly have sufficient localised local-scale grounded Nnowledge about objects and places, their dynamic changes over seasons or years, and especially their appropri- ate and recognised names. Map maNers have always relied on local people’s LSK, initially and for further fact checNing, correcting, updating. Every conventional map requests the public users to report on this. 



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McCall, M. K. (2016). IGV en la interfaz de la tecnociencia y la participación ciudadana. Revista Cartográfica, (93), 127–134. https://doi.org/10.35424/rcarto.i93.433